We as a club want to be able to offer the experiences we have with our dogs to others have recognised through talking to people and running our training classes that whilst many are able to attend a great many are also unable to attend for a variety of reasons from timing of classes, location, physical or mental health issues or just not enough time in the day with work and family commitments.

We are pleased to be able to offer an alternative in the form of online or E Learning, we currently offer seven levels of Trick Training, even those who have already undertaken training will find a mixture of easy and challenging tricks to master in each level.

Trick Training:

  • ·       Fosters a good bond and relationship as a team

  • ·       Promotes trust

  • ·       Encourages learning

  • ·       Creates an environment for independent choice and thought

  • ·       Allows for problem solving learning to take place

  • ·       Brain work can assist with calming an over active dog

  • ·       Helps prevent boredom

  • ·       Tricks can be used as a distraction technique when working on anxiety or reactivity issues

  • ·       Gives your dog a job

  • ·       Can lead onto canine freestyle heelwork to music routines and competition

  • ·       Increases your value and worth to your dog

  • ·       Gives a platform for you and your dog to spend quality time together learning and           having fun

  • ·       Helps develop patience and respect for dogs as sentient beings with feelings in               youngsters undertaking trick training

  • ·       Builds confidence in both your dog and you

  • ·       It’s a suitable activity for young and old, disabled or able bodied on a platform                 where a persons perceived abilities are on an even keel with everyone taking part.


Upon signing up for our E Learning course /s you will receive the following full access to all of our Learning Resources which includes:

  • ·       You tube channel showing all trick videos you are learning on this level

  • ·       Handout/write up of each trick you are learning on this level

  • ·       Handouts on how dogs learn, understanding and reading our dogs body language           in a trick training context

  • ·       Access to our closed private Facebook page for ongoing support and networking             with fellow students

  • ·       Access to the trainers and assessors should you encounter issues with learning

Young, Older and Disabled dogs are catered for

We can and will work with you to adapt the tricks to be suitable for the less mobile or physically able dog to allow all dogs to participate.  Some tricks are not recommended for senior or dogs with mobility or physical issues.


If the dog has physical issues we will accept adapted tricks or suggest others which are more suitable than the ones on the list.  Whilst some of the tricks are not suitable for sight impaired dogs, we are happy to adapt or offer alternatives.  All tricks can be adapted for dogs who are hearing impaired.

Not all of the tricks are suitable for young dogs due to the pressure they can place on their forming growth plates.  In each level there is a minimum number of tricks which are suitable for dogs of all ages to learn

We actively encourage handlers with disabilities to sign up. We can adapt the majority of trick signals, body movements and directions to suit an individual’s ability from changing the signal given to using primarily voice cues.  We are happy to work with a team to enable support to be given during the learning process to the student.

Rescue, nervous, reactive dogs and dogs with behavioural issues are catered for.  Trick training is a good platform for forming trust and bonding with rescue dogs, all training is gentle and choice based so as long as you listen to your dog when she says she has had enough trick training can be a positive experience for them.  We will supply alternative learning methods which encompass the learning style of scared or hand shy dogs.

Trick training won’t necessarily help alter or change any behavioural issue, however, trick training will assist you to form a better bond and partnership with your dog which can lead to refocusing behavioural issues more easily due to your increased worth and your dogs trust in you.

What do I receive at the end of the course?

A certificate and rosette showing your dog and yourselves passing grade.  You and your dog’s name on our wall of fame along with a photograph should you wish.  Discount off your next course for any pass with Distinction.

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