The Trainers and their dogs


I have been teaching tricks to my own dogs for the last 17 years and running trick training classes for 9 years, between my 3 dogs they have a repertoire of 160+ tricks and are Expert Trick Dog Title holders, I have competed in agility for nearly thirteen years and have been teaching agility to others for 11 years. 

 I compete with my own dogs in Agility at both infrequently with the Kennel Club and frequently enjoy long weekend competitions at UKA where we compete at Championship level, we have qualified for the National Finals four times and competed in it twice along with the UKA Games Challenge finals.  I have also gained my UKA judge status.

I have personal experience of working with and teaching tricks and dog sports to rescue dogs, dogs with repetitive behaviour displays or OCD, personalising training for disabled dogs and handlers and working with reactive dogs.

I have run a trick course for dogs in rescue centres where it was imperative that each dog was treated as an individual and had their learning style tailored to their own motivational factors and past experiences to ensure each dog received the most   benefit from the class.

All trainers and assessors are coached and trained in house by me to ensure that all methods used are both ethical and promote force free training.  At all times we all ensure that our training methods are positive reinforcement based only whilst promoting as much independence and autonomy of choice and decision making by the dog.  My training methods used have always been and will always be force free and focus on the dog and human having fun and forging bonds, strengthening relationships and building trust and team work.

 I disagree with the perception that to compete or take part in any dog sports or to be a successful trick dog one breed is better than another.  In my years of teaching trick classes we have worked with various breed from Borzoi, Beagles, Chihuahuas to collies, spaniels and Bully Breeds, all breeds have their own quirks, their differing strengths, motivational factors and learning styles but through personalisation, treating each dog and handler as an individual I work hard to make the box fit the team rather than make the team fit the box.

My own dogs all have special needs in their own way and by working with and through issues has made me a better trainer who is able to work with both able and disabled dogs towards having fun with tricks.

I hold diploma’s and qualifications in:

  • Canine Coaching and Behaviour

  • Holistic Canine Behaviour

  • Puppy Care and Development

  • Rescue Dog Rehabilitation and Cognition

  • Animal Assisted Therapy

  • Animal Welfare

  • Canine Holistic Health and Therapy

  • Grief and Bereavement Counselling

  • Pet Bereavement Counselling

  • Animal Reiki

  • Animal Crystal Healing

  • First Aid

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

  • Advanced Aromatherapy

  • Master Herbalism

  • Sound Therapy

  • Canine Nutrition

  • Canine Communication

  • Zoology

  • NLP Practitioner

  • NLP Master Practitioner

  • Animal Communication

  • Crystal Reiki Master / Teacher

  • Reiki Grand Master

  • Sirius Dog Trainer Academy 4 day


Jeni's Dogs

Maisie, who is sadly no longer with me, was collie cross who lost the sight in her left eye after a run in with a bramble bush, and who, due to this forced me into problem solving in agility training and taught me that one style of teaching doesn't fit all dogs. Working with a partially sighted dog taught me that it is more important to personalise training for the team and not follow a single approach / style which is often too reliant on the handler having to run and make positions that aren't achievable for and so frequently stops the less mobile or less young person from progressing.   Maisie competed regularly in Agility Competitions, took part in flyball, Rally-O, Trick training and Doggie Dancing, and often stepped in as a demo dog to allow novice handlers to practice their agility moves, when she wasn't training loved to play football, go for long walks and thoroughly enjoyed lying in muddy puddles.


Pickle is a highly energetic 10 year old Springer Spaniel, Pickle finished her second year competing finishing 4th in the UK in the gun dog league and progressing through the levels to Champion level in both Steeplechase and the Performance prgram and gained her cap, she is thoroughly enjoying every minute of training and competing.  Pickle enjoys taking part in Rally-O, Flyball, Hoopers and trick training and is an Expert Trick Dog Title holder.  When Pickle isn’t training she enjoys running in the woods and playing with her large collection of teddy bears.


Ernest is a 10 year old Springer Spaniel, Ernest was born with genetic defects which resulted in major surgery on his leg when he was 10 months old leaving him with plates and pins, due to his surgery Ernest cannot do any of the sports which would put pressure on his legs.  Ernest loves trick training and Rally-O.  When he isn’t practicing his tricks he enjoys running in big circles at the park, playing with his squeaky toys and cuddles.


I began working with dogs after a period of shadowing at Trick and Agility classes, when I began I didn’t have a dog of my own but soon began to work Maisie at both agility and tricks to allow me to learn how to work effectively as a team and teaching through positive reinforcement methods.  I compete regularly with Maisie in agility competitions and hope to one day compete with my own rescue dog.  I lead the dog walking service The Barking Tricksters offer and thoroughly enjoy offering the dogs in my care a variety of enriching walks.  I have first-hand experience of working with reactive dogs and because of this I offer a personalised one to one service for reactive dogs.  I currently hold qualifications in Dog Walking and Care and First Aid and am working towards a Canine Behaviour certificate.


Cassiel is a 7 year old puppy farm survivor, when she first came to use she was completely shut down and unable to offer even the simplest of behaviours such as taking a treat.  Cassiel is a second generation puppy farm dog, she was born in the puppy farm and bred at each opportunity from 6 months old, this has left Cassiel with physical deformities to her stomach which will require surgery in the future.  Cassiel is doing incredibly well in her rehabilitation and a cheeky little beagle is starting to emerge, however psychologically her rehabilitation will take many years to complete but she is starting to understand how to be a dog and enjoying her time trying out the agility equipment.



Meah is a 5 year old Sproker Spaniel who has grown up watching her family compete in agility.  Meah started her trick work at 8 weeks old with the basic simple tricks, she now has a repertoire of around 40 tricks and loves showing them off in trick class.  Meah also trains in agility and is incredibly fast and loves to leave her handler trailing behind as she barks and squeaks excitedly around the course.  Meah recently took part in her first fun agility show and came 1st in her class.  When Meah isn't working she loves playing her with ball, running with her pack, cuddling on the settee, terrorising her beagle friend and barking.

Jan AKA Hobbit

Having lost our lovely dog companions I started to go along to agility competitions to support Jeni and now The Barking Tricksters students as a wingman, helping to get the dogs and owners ready, get them to the right ring at the right time and the very important reward delivery at the end of the runs.

When the trick training classes started I went along every Monday to watch I was amazed how the dogs progressed from learning to sit to completing a fabulous routine.  I absolutely love the club the dogs and their lovely owners and having spent a year watching and learning I was given the honour of helping out as a trainee which I find so rewarding. 

I used to take part in Flyball and Trick Training with my grand dog Maisie, having worked in the group with the other students learning the sport of Flyball from the teaching the box turn to the send always over the hurdles.

I suffer badly with arthritis and as such could not take part in the more strenuous sports such as agility without my own dog to work consistently with distance handling to prevent me having to move too much.   I am taking part in Hoopers classes learning distance handling which means I haven't got to move too much.  I would encourage anyone with physical issues who may be unable to run or dedicate the time needed to teach distance agility to try Trick Training or Flyball, its such good fun good, exercise for the dogs and doesn’t put any strain on the body. 



Jamie is a 5 year old Sproker Spaniel, Jamie takes part in Hoopers, trick class and goes to agility training with my daughter and is currently sat at senior level.  Jamie loves to work and thoroughly enjoys his night at trick class where he likes to show off his tricks and run around saying hello to his fellow trick class dogs.  Jamie also competes in Hoopers competitions and loves the Barrellers classes.  When Jamie isn't working he loves walking, going on holiday in his caravan and playing ball.